Names of our Fallen lovingly read by
Gold Star Mother Nancy Geary
& Gold Star Uncle Bill Geary.
Video photos by Friend of the Fallen Alan Glassman.


Our 2014 Run has come and gone. We find that the spirit of the day has touched us in way only our hearts can speak. We hope you share this spirit and it stays with you throughout the year.  We are ever grateful for our sponsors and donors, without their generosity the event would not be possible. We also thank our volunteers for their time and support and for our runners commitment & energy. Clearly we all share a dedication to preserving the memory of our Fallen Heroes, who lost their lives while bravely protecting our freedom. Your participation and support ensures that we continue to tell the stories of our soldiers, and for that, we and their families are forever indebted. We are currently debriefing and already looking to make 2015 even better! Please check back on our website for events throughout this and next year and stay in touch via Facebook. Also, merchandise is always available from the Proshop.


"RFTF-NH" - Julie, Fran, Cindy, Nichole